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WAH! I’m so behind!

Matt O'Neill, MattyDONeill, LGBT, Gay, Lesbian, Show Host

Yes, I’ve developed a beard as well. Thoughts?

I’m so sorry I fell very much behind in my posting.  I’ve been very busy with media “stuff”.  As many of you know who have been following me from the beginning, I love to host, entertain, and meet the stars.  My ultimate dream is to end up on television either in a hit reality show, on the red carpet interviewing Hollywood, or most excitedly, have my own talk show.  In the past month, my dreams have been taking all the right baby steps forward.

To catch you all up on some of the stuff I’ve been working on, here is an end of the year (more like last month and a half) recap of what has been going on: Continue reading



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Talking Love with a TV Mob Wife and Hair Stylist

Tracy Dimarco and Corey JerseyliciousSo this past week if you fallow my Facebook page (hint hint), you may have seen that I had the opportunity to meet two great TV stars, Drita from VH1′s Mob Wives and Tracy Dimarco from Style Network’s Jerseylicious. These are two very different women from very different backgrounds but what made it interesting was they are also both in very different parts in their lives on television as well as real life. Viewers of Mob Wives had the opportunity to watch as Drita D’Avanzo go through a tough divorce from now ex husband Lee. If you are a fan of Tracy’s than you will be happy to know that recently she has become engaged to fiancé Corey. These are two very different women from two very different ends of the spectrum both dealing with the issues of Love.
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Vivacious Vixens of Television

tvsTrying to look at this from my straight boy eyes, I can now count down the top ten Vivacious Vixens on TV today.  Be sure to comment on your thoughts and opinions as to if I’m missing anyone or if I shouldn’t have picked one of these girls.  This is the second part to my sexiest men blog here.

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TV’s Sexy Male Heart-Throbs

Staring at TVThere is a reason soap operas are so popular during the afternoon.  And no it’s not because it’s the only thing to watch while you’re home waiting for the kids to be done school…it’s because it’s a time that women are home alone and can fantasize about the sexy hunks that they see on TV.  While I’m not a soap opera junky, there are still plenty of TV shows that I have watched purely for the male cast.  Here is my list of the 10 sexiest male characters on TV:

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