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I need your help!

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We all know who the real star is in this video.

Alright blogging world – I need your help.  I’m competing for an audition to become Philadelphia Flower Show’s FIRST ever social media/behind the scenes/”Green Room” host.  I need to rack up as many votes as I can.   This is where you all come in…

Please, Please, PLEASE head over to the Philadelphia Flower Show‘s Facebook page and vote for my video.  If you want to go directly to the voting section, click here.  I should be the first video.  If not, I’ll be on page 3 (sorry, I don’t know why this is so).  If you’re using your mobile phone the links about redirect you to the Flower Show Facebook page and you may need to do a little hunting for their status regarding the competition.  I promise to bring you all the awesome behind the scenes footage from the 2014 PFS.

Here’s my audition tape as well so you can save the time of trying to open in within their app:

Ciao for now!




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