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I need your help!

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We all know who the real star is in this video.

Alright blogging world – I need your help.  I’m competing for an audition to become Philadelphia Flower Show’s FIRST ever social media/behind the scenes/”Green Room” host.  I need to rack up as many votes as I can.   This is where you all come in…

Please, Please, PLEASE head over to the Philadelphia Flower Show‘s Facebook page and vote for my video.  If you want to go directly to the voting section, click here.  I should be the first video.  If not, I’ll be on page 3 (sorry, I don’t know why this is so).  If you’re using your mobile phone the links about redirect you to the Flower Show Facebook page and you may need to do a little hunting for their status regarding the competition.  I promise to bring you all the awesome behind the scenes footage from the 2014 PFS.

Here’s my audition tape as well so you can save the time of trying to open in within their app:

Ciao for now!




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WAH! I’m so behind!

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Yes, I’ve developed a beard as well. Thoughts?

I’m so sorry I fell very much behind in my posting.  I’ve been very busy with media “stuff”.  As many of you know who have been following me from the beginning, I love to host, entertain, and meet the stars.  My ultimate dream is to end up on television either in a hit reality show, on the red carpet interviewing Hollywood, or most excitedly, have my own talk show.  In the past month, my dreams have been taking all the right baby steps forward.

To catch you all up on some of the stuff I’ve been working on, here is an end of the year (more like last month and a half) recap of what has been going on: Continue reading


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Mike Jerrick and I at Philly Fashion Week

I had the opportunity to hang out with one of my role models, Mike Jerrick, last month during Philly Fashion Week.  He’s a huge promoter of the event.  Needless to say, interviewing an interviewer, we both fought for the center stage with question asking.  He may have won in the end however.  Check it out!

Also be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more fun.  I have some great videos in the works for you all.


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Diagnosis: Stage Fright

Matt O'NeillThis will be a quick post just to update all of you on why my posts have been more sporadic in recent weeks.  To start, work has picked up as of late and has taken much of my time.  Unfortunately unless something comes from my public displays of writing, hosting and entertainment – my current job takes top priority.

With that being said… Continue reading


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Gear Up, Get Out

October 12th and 13th is when Gear Up, Get Out is taking place in Center City, Philadelphia.  Be sure to check out all the craziness all weekend.  I’ll be there will you?

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5 Reasons You Need to Check Out Songbird

Josh Schonewolf and Matt O'NeillOne of the hottest new nightlife shows to hit Philadelphia, Songbird: The Search for Philly’s Best Singer is now almost 4 weeks in and has made more than just a tiny splash.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out this weekly singing competition here’s a run down of what you can expect from week to week. Continue reading

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Philly Libraries Close Because You Don’t Care

Library BooksFellow local Philly blogger Josh Kruger turned me onto this article originally posted on Philly.com: Budget crisis shutters libraries at 2 top schools.  In  short, because of yet again more budget cuts, two Philadelphia school’s need to close their frequently used libraries due to not having the funds to maintain a librarian.  Now before you read on, you need to understand that if there is one group or generation I’ve always felt needed the most support, it’s our youth.  They have the least amount of say in what happens to their futures and therefore I feel it is our goal as a society to ensure they have the most possibilities and opportunities that we can provide.

Now onto why I know Philly Libraries are closing because you don’t care. Continue reading

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