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Diagnosis: Stage Fright

Matt O'NeillThis will be a quick post just to update all of you on why my posts have been more sporadic in recent weeks.  To start, work has picked up as of late and has taken much of my time.  Unfortunately unless something comes from my public displays of writing, hosting and entertainment – my current job takes top priority.

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TV’s Sexy Male Heart-Throbs

Staring at TVThere is a reason soap operas are so popular during the afternoon.  And no it’s not because it’s the only thing to watch while you’re home waiting for the kids to be done school…it’s because it’s a time that women are home alone and can fantasize about the sexy hunks that they see on TV.  While I’m not a soap opera junky, there are still plenty of TV shows that I have watched purely for the male cast.  Here is my list of the 10 sexiest male characters on TV:

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Sex Toys, Nipples, and Crying…

What a weekend. I hosted (indirectly at my gay friends’ house) a sex toy party Friday night. After trying all the pheromone sprays, lotions, and liquids, you can bet that the party was hopping. And after I spent way too much on sexual items that were not designed for a man, I walked away a happy and satisfied woman. Here is my little shout out to the hostess for being amazing, if anyone is interested in the Philly area, be sure to contact me on my Facebook fan page and I can set you up with her! Afterwards we all went to our favorite Friday night hot spot to let loose and relax. Of course clubbing would not be what it is without a nipple contest right? I came in second right behind one of my girlfriends that was at the bar with me. If anyone saw us, we were the crew that was huddled in a circle by the bar pulling out our boobies. But I also wouldn’t be able to write my blog if we didn’t have the involvement of tears…
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He loves me, he loves me not…oh wait…he does too.

Alright I’m sorry it’s so late but here is my little weekend update from this past weekend.  So my friends and I had decided to invite some friends out this past weekend in hopes of having a larger group of people to go to the club with us.  I personally decided that I would bring two new friends out to meet the group.  One person I had been talking to for about a week and they seemed pretty nice so I offered a day or two prior to Friday night, he and a friend come stay in the city with the “gang”.  I was kind enough to bring the booze, offer the bed space, and entertain each of them as they were new to the whole club scene.  Well it started off as any other night, but by 10 PM my little “date” was SO drunk he was telling me he loved me.  I had no other choice but to drag him around the party, making him announce to each of my friends that he was in love with me.  Talk about an ego boost. Continue reading


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