5 Reasons You Need to Check Out Songbird

Josh Schonewolf and Matt O'NeillOne of the hottest new nightlife shows to hit Philadelphia, Songbird: The Search for Philly’s Best Singer is now almost 4 weeks in and has made more than just a tiny splash.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out this weekly singing competition here’s a run down of what you can expect from week to week.

To open, the bottom three from the week prior come on stage as a devilishly handsome host reveals after the week long online voting session, who is safe from elimination.  The remaining two, then compete for audience votes as they re-sing the song from the week prior.  Based off of strictly the audience, the loser is then eliminated.

Now the fun begins.

Each contestant comes to the stage one by one to sing their rendition of whatever that particular week’s theme is.  They then get judged by the panel of four judges on both the positive and negative aspects of their performance.  Finally at the end of the night, all contestants are voted safe by the judges one by one until a new set of bottom three remain.

So why should you come to check out the latest and greatest show right here at Tabu Sports Bar?  Well I’ll just tell you!

1. The contestants are hot!

Jo Stones

What’s more of a pantie dropper than someone who not only can charm you right into their bedrooms, but can do so while singing it all in acapella form!  Every one of these contestants can sing, and every one of them has a unique personality that they bring to the table.  So whether you’re looking for a burlesque dancer to please you with her booming voice, or a smooth quick witted band member who you can’t bring home to mama, we have them all!

2. The judges are for real!

Songbird Philly

Each of the judges have shown that they bring something unique to the table.  They also have shown that they are not leaving anything off the table.  Each week they push the contestants to get to the next level.  If any participant shows they didn’t raise their own bar, the judges are sure to make note.  But that’s only because they know the contestants are all competing for…

3. The prizes are huge!


Forget just a cash prize, which in this case happens to be $2000 dollars, but the winner of this show is going to have the opportunity to perform their own concert at the Adrienne Theater for a three night event.  Also, their song will be uploaded to iTunes, with the expenses on us!

4. The audience is so attractive!

Lobstar Bisque

So, this may be for my benefit as host each week, but I consistently see more and more hotties coming in to watch the show.  Not only do we have a great group of reoccurring viewers, but we get more and more people coming to hang out each and every week.  And rightfully so! The show has been covered in Philadelphia Weekly by judge Bill Chenevert as well as on sites like NewNowNext.com naming it as one of the key reasons the host bar Tabu is one of The 7 Best Gay Sports Bars In America.

5. YOU can win cash.

Songbird Philly

We get it, covers for any event can get costly.  So we have decided that it’s time to give back.  Each week, there has been as least $50 handed out to attendees.  That’s more than enough to cover not only the bars cover but your bar tab!  All you have to do is each week when you take a photo, send a Tweet, or upload something to Instagram, Facebook and the like, you use the hashtag #SongbirdPhilly.  We watch it everyday to see who is talking about the show and in return you make money.  So who wouldn’t want to do what they are already doing, and win money doing it (did that make sense?)!

So with that being said, it’s a great show with a great cast of performers.  Be sure to come to Tabu right here in center city Philadelphia each Tuesday night at 9PM because the show starts at 10PM sharp! See you there.


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