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Five Do’s and Don’ts of Casual Dating

Casual DatingThinking of going on some dates with a few different people?  Better not let the rest of society find out! If you’re like me and are trying to navigate the waters of dating, you may have found that the idea of monogamous “dating” has become increasingly popular.  And I’m not talking about dating where you’re bringing the significant other to your parent’s house for dinner every other weekend.  I’m talking about when you’re getting back in the saddle, and want to get yourself out there and meet people.  But you may come to find that this can be as stressful as an actual relationship itself.  The days of “casual dating” seems to have evaporated even while popular dating sites like, or popular apps like Grindr become more frequently used to find potential partners.  But fear not, there is a way to navigate the waters of everyday dating by following my Five Do’s and Don’ts of Dating.
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