Twelve Creative Changes to the HRC Equal Sign

Supreme CourtIn light of the past 48 hours, I’m sure we all have at least noticed one person who changed their profile picture to the red Human Rights Campaign equal sign logo. The request came from the HRC in support of the supreme court hearings to overturn both Prop 8 and the DOMA laws that are currently in effect.  But of course in this day and age, we all like a little creativity.  Below is a list of the 10 most creative (and common) people manipulated the red HRC logo.

1. Bert and Ernie Love.

Red Equal Sign

2. FCKH8’s Promotion Red Equal Sign

3. Male Genitalia Sign

Red Equal Sign

4. Gotta Catch Em’ All

Red Equal Sign

5. Even Batman Supports

Red Equal Sign

6. Lady Liberty, meet Lady Justice.Red Equal Sign

7. Getting Love DrunkRed Equal Sign

8. True Blood, True Love

Red Equal Sign

9. Yoda Says it BestRed Equal Sign

10. It’sa me, Gay Mario!Red Equal Sign

11. Nothing Say Gay Like a Unicorn
Red Equal Sign

12. In this end isn’t this what we all really want?Red Equal Sign

While this is not an HRC symbol, I did think it was a creative advertisement coming from Smirnoff.

Smirnoff equal rights

What HRC promotion is your favorite?

+Matt O’Neill



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3 responses to “Twelve Creative Changes to the HRC Equal Sign

  1. It’s a toss up between Bert and Ernie, Liberty and Justice and the Smirnoff campaign. Love this post!

  2. Anonymous

    Either Liberty and Justice or banning Divorce!

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