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Wynter was coming…

Wynter GordonI had the pleasure of meeting with Ms. Wynter Gordon before her concert in Philadelphia the other night.  Check out what we talked about…


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Life Isn’t a Menu

girls night out

I was talking to a friend about our dating lives.  He told me that he can never seem to find Mr. Right.  People were always offering to take him to dinner, woo him with drinks at the bar, and complement his hair, eyes and physic.  Of course he was an attractive guy, had a decent income from a steady job, and had a personality that just made you want to talk for hours.  So why was he still single?  If he wanted a boyfriend he could have easily picked one up months ago, but instead he continues to hunt for that next best thing.  He has what I like to call “restaurant syndrome” — he has a menu of options but can’t decide what he wants.  Life isn’t a menu, you’ll never settle on an order if you keep looking for the next best thing. Continue reading


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My Adventure with America’s Oldest Folk Festival

To start, Happy New Year!  After a much needed break from writing I’m back in action!

Mummers 2013The Mummer’s is considered to be one of the oldest Folk Festivals in the United States.  For those of you that have never had the opportunity to observe what goes on in the streets, it’s pretty much an eight  hour parade celebrating much of our heritage whether it be English, German, Irish or even African.  It’s the one day every year where those within the City of Brotherly Love all unite in the streets in order to eat, drink and be merry with both family and friends.  The culture of the parade is long and deep so if you want to learn more about this 17th Century tradition, Wikipedia has it all here. Continue reading


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