LGBT Youth Need Your Help

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Republican or Democrat, you should be proud.  Yesterday was a turning point in politics.  With droves of people coming out to support whomever they wished to vote for, the support for the future of this country is amazing.  Not every country has the same rights and privileges that we are given and to take it for granted would be disheartening.

So you’ve done your part, you went out and voted and supported the candidate you thought would best serve the ideals you hold closest to you.  Now you can go back to your normal lives and continue on your way much like every other day, like nothing has happened correct? NO!  There are still countless things that need to be done, that can help much more than going into a booth and pressing a button.  There are still countless people stuck without food and without shelter and they need your help!

Ali Forney CenterSpecifically I want to bring to your attention the Ali Forney Center for homeless gay youth.

It was destroyed by the devastating impact of the storm.  That has left so many abandoned children on their own and they are asking for help.  It’s so disheartening to know that there still needs to be shelters for minorities to hide in from their families in times of abandonment just due to basic genetics.

I know this is just one post and just one rant but imagine if it was your child…

No food…

No family…

No place to go.

These children need your help they need supplies and finances to rebuild such a crucial part of these kids lives.  We’ve already seen countless children take their lives because they thought there was no place else to go when they are classified as different, don’t let this be the case for these abandoned kids as well.  With four feet of water coming into the building via the Hudson River, the Ali Forney Center can not do this alone.  You can read their plea here.

So what can you do?

amazon logoSend anything you can.  Take advantage of, use this as a way to directly send them supplies and goods.  The site has already been a huge help with shipping cargo all around the country.  Search for shelters like the Ali Forney Center in the New Jersey and New York area that are still struggling with basic supplies and ship these basic needs directly to them.  I discovered from radio station Elvis Duran in the Morning Show, that one shelter set up a wedding directory listing needed supplies for shelters.  This is a great resource because it allows anyone from ANYWHERE to ship goods and supplies without the shipping costs.  They also need financing.  So much was lost that if you feel a nominal check or donation would be better, please send it to the address below OR enter your information directly on their site.

Ali Forney Center/ATTN: Andria Ottley

224 West 35th St,    Suite 1500    

NY,NY 10001

You may not agree with everyone’s views or appreciate what is going on in the world, but every child deserves an equal chance, so why not start right here at home?


+Matt O’Neill


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  1. Nice cause. Also remember Covenant House for outside of the Philadelphia area, there are so many homeless kids on the streets, many of them of our LGBT community.

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