Are you broke from “gay drinking”?

Fine DiningFor many, dining and drinking can be an experience.  Just earlier this week I went to a great Italian restaurant with a good friend during Philadelphia’s restaurant week.  It had great food, awesome atmosphere and the service was impeccable.  It’s been a while since I dined out somewhere more appealing than the infamous “golden arches”.   But that’s besides the point, after wine and dinner we went back to his place to catch up and chat before I went over to the Circus of the Stars Finale at one of the local sports bars (check out my weekly video reviews).  There I had more to drink, more to drink and more to drink.  Next thing I knew and a few vodka and Red Bulls later…it was 5:30 AM and I was rolling back into my bedroom to get ready for work in a few short hours.

Fun Fact: On the first all gay cruise, the ship ran out of alcohol before reaching the first port.  Every day after that, the ship had to completely restock their liquor because the gay men and women were drinking so much.

So why is it that we indulge ourselves more than the average american.  Research shows that we are not only more likely to drink more than the average (straight) male or female but we also dine out more frequently.  Check out the research below from Target -10, a gay friendly marketing company aimed at hitting niche markets of LGBT members who are statistically willing to spend about 175% more than that of their straight counterpart.

Gays spend more

Do you think you spend more than those that are sexually classified as”straight”?  What do you usually spend your money on?

+Matt O’Neill



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3 responses to “Are you broke from “gay drinking”?

  1. It’s not the drinking that hurts my wallet. It’s the food bought at a club with a full kitchen, Parking, Bridge Toll, and Gas.

  2. Ben Cowman

    Wow. This really offends me. So, since I’m gay I’m now classified as an alcoholic? Tidiculous..

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