Atlantic City to Go Gay!

Columbus HotelToday I can officially say that I’m excited to be working with other leaders of Atlantic City to generate the newest East Coast LGBT hot spot!  Check out my latest article from PhillyGayCalendar below:

For years the summertime hot spot for many LGBT travelers were always preferred gay friendly beaches like Rehoboth. With places to congregate and bars to enjoy, it’s no surprise that each year just before Memorial Day weekend, many of us would frequently cut the carbs, tone the abs and get ready to lay out for some fun in the sun all weekend long. That may all change in 2013. Recently investors are looking to rebuild a long forgotten Gayborhood right in the heart of Atlantic City New Jersey.

With the project spear headed by AC writer and real estate agent Geoff Rosenberger, teams consisting of LGBT members, war veterans and the local community are all working together to reintroduce a gay scene that has been abandoned since the 1920s. The iconic Columbus Hotel is where the heart of the project begins.

Geoff and a team of hotel experts are currently seeking funding for the purchase and renovation of the Columbus Hotel in order to create the first gay friendly boutique hotel in Atlantic City. Many see this project as a way to stimulate the city’s economy bringing in more LGBT leisure and business travelers into this East Coast gambling Mecca.

As the hotel is reintroduced as a fully functioning resort, plans are in the works to develop a running online TV station that will broadcast gay friendly events in and around the Columbus Hotel gaining national recognition. I have been fortunate enough to work with Geoff on this as one of the hosts for the running channels. Reality, game shows, and live event airing are all in the plans of development.

So what does this mean for you? 

Many people from DC, Philadelphia and New York routinely travel to gay friendly beaches like Rehoboth for short summer vacationing. But now a new central location between the three major New England cities may become the new gay friendly hotspot. With boardwalk casinos, 24/7 nightlife and drinking, and the Atlantic City Premium outlets right in the heart of the tourist city, many are expected to flock to this new hotspot.

For a more in-depth coverage from lead organizer Geoff Rosenberger you may see his article published inAtlantic City Weekly. I’m excited to also be one of the correspondents for the project and will take questions and comments either here or contacting me directly at Also be sure to check out the video below about the process of rebuilding the Columbus. You can follow the project by subscribing to my YouTube page MattyDONeill.



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2 responses to “Atlantic City to Go Gay!

  1. Richard Litzenberger

    I visit Wildwood and Atlantic City yearly. I wasn’t aware of a gay community in either city. Glad now to know.

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