Musicals That Kill

West Side StoryWhat has this world come to? Everyone always talks about how they wished their life was a musical.  I mean who doesn’t want to sing in the rain, or find the hills are alive with the sound of music.  What about singing about how you have to make rent and everybody has AIDS (okay maybe not every musical but you get the picture).  So two Bangkok gangs took to the streets the other day in Thailand and totally West Side Storied it out modern day style…

Here’s the scene:

I guess people still think they are cool when they run with gangs, so when two competing groups ended up in the same courtyard together it should come to no surprise to any of us that the mocking began by dancing to the new hit craze “Gangnam Style.”  gangnam styleWhile tensions were already running high from rumored reports, dancing on your opponents turf apparently is the ULTIMATE sign of disrespect.  But this was not a ten or fifteen minute event, oh no, this went on for HOURS!  Reports show that by 6 AM some of the gang members left and returned with guns and fired into the air.  Then at 8 AM (that’s right two hours later this stupid dance battle was still going on) more gang members showed up firing off guns.  A recorded 50 shots were fired in all, with no reported injuries.

Now I am all for the world turning into one big episode of Glee but using dance offs as a method of fighting…REALLY?!?!


Imagine walking by the courtyard and seeing these two groups of Bangkokiens (yea I made that word up) rolling around the court doing what is known as the “horse dance”.  What’s next, are cats going to start singing to the moon?  Are people going to rise up against the leaders of all the emerald cities of the world?

We need to end musicals now, because who knows what musical is going to impact our society next.  Already videos show the US is now training our naval forces to fight in the form of interpretive dancing:

How do you react to this awkward news and how would you have reacted to this aggressive dance fighting form?

+Matt O’Neill


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  1. Sorry but still don’t care for this song. Give it a couple more months and I might like it. LOL

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