My Poo Will Help You Grow – Part 1

Matt O'NeillGross, I know, but it’s not in the context that you’re thinking.  So I’ve been traveling a lot for work and with a mixture of plane time and personal time, I just haven’t had the chance to sit down and write again.  But in the vacation away from the blog, I’ve also been blessed with the inside joke from one of my close friends of:

No one on earth likes you Matt.  That’s why NASA sent a land rover up to Mars to see if they could get anyone up there to come and be your friend.”

Like any 20 something year old, people are going to cycle in and out of friendships and relationships with ease.  It’s part of life and learning about who you are.  I’ve just had the please of having that fun for the past two weeks as I felt like almost every interaction with my friends and relationships came under fire.  I’m not writing to have any sort of pity party or throw anyone under the bus, but what I guess I’m trying to say is…My Poo Will Help You Grow.

In many arguments there are times when one party will essentially put down the others person’s beliefs.  Its only natural as it’s a disagreement.  But when it gets REALLY heated, typically when alcohol or some other intoxicating additive is mixed into the formula…these fights can usually (always) get out of control.  It can leave both people frustrated and upset to the point that they may not talk for a few days.  This isn’t anything uncommon in groups of friends.  The important thing to remember however is that no matter how much you verbally shit on them or they on you…its a strong way to grow.

Back in high school my teacher always used to say (specifically when I was almost kicked off the varsity team my senior year…another story for another time):

There are three sides to every story: Your side, Their side, and the True side.

My Poo Will Help You GrowLooking at any argument there is always a lesson that can be learned from it.  It may not be a big life altering revelation or anything crazy like that but there is always something! Look into each argument and don’t take away from it the fact that you don’t want to apologize or don’t want to see that person again; look at it and think about what you can do in the future to prevent fights like that from occurring again.  If you verbally pooed all over someone…was it really necessary?  What was it that you said that really got under their skin.  Figuring those types of key pieces of information out and keeping them in the back of your mind, will save you from getting into future fights with that particular person.

Use that Poo that you threw to help grow into a better and less confrontational person.  Your poo will help you grow!

In my next post I’ll describe the second part of that internal battle – Figuring out how to deflect that Poo that was thrown at you.



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3 responses to “My Poo Will Help You Grow – Part 1

  1. That is a mean but funny and inaccurate joke. people do like you or they wouldn’t talk to you. But it is very good advice in this post. But the question remains will you follow your own advice?

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