Grinding Thy Neighbor

It's only that big

It’s only that big?

I was chatting with one of my friends the other day and an all to familiar story came up.  He was out at the bar and while hanging out with friends when someone that was literally five feet away from him (someone who could be considered a friend of a friend, but was still with the group) went on Grindr and started to flirt with him!  THIS IS NOT OKAY PEOPLE!  For all the gay men that are reading this post (and women who pose on Grindr as men to get free pics.)  listen up:  If you have ever had any interest in a person, and you want to possibly hang out, hook up, take home, WHATEVER…using “Grinding Thy Neighbor” to see if they are interested, is a cop-out excuse.

Kid on a Cell PhoneI have nothing against people who use Grindr.  I feel if you are single and you want to get a quick fix of man booty, you go right ahead and see who the closest bottom is.  But if that person is in your own group of friends, lay off the app.  It’s like when you look down at your phone and that creepy kid sitting across from you at the party got your number (from God knows where) and texted you an emoticon winky face.  REALLY?!?!  What ever happened to just starting up a conversation?I don’t think I have ever received a text where I said:

Judging by his choice to text me two symbols this kid MUST have balls, I totally want him…

If you feel like you’re to embarrassed or can’t talk to someone because of one reason or another, here are three quick ways to get that conversation going.

  1. Buy them a drink – You’re at the bar, buy them a drink.   They will either say thanks and walk away or stay and chat.  It’s a quick way to see if they are interested.
  2. Buy them a drinkJoin the group – If the person you’re interesting in has a mutual friend of yours, talk to them and get them to introduce you in a non-creepy way.  No one like when they are trying to get a friends help and the friend yells across the room to your crush, “YO! Yea you there…will you sleep with my friend?”
  3. Just introduce yourself – I have people all the time come up to me and casually introduce themselves to me.  My first instinct isn’t to just go punch them in the balls, (though by the end of some conversations I wish I had) I casually talk to them.  If someone is clearly not interested or they are just that stuck up to talk, is that someone you really want to hang out with anyway?

I hope I’ve helped everyone with this crazy new fad of Grinding Thy Neighbor.  So if you see me out at the bar, please don’t immediately go to your phone, come up to me and say hello, I swear I don’t bite…in public.

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3 responses to “Grinding Thy Neighbor

  1. I know for me because of my shyness it is easier to hit up a potential interest be it for a fling or a possible relationship. It is easier for me to do it online first and then in person. And also I’m the type of person that would rather date a friend then a complete stranger. I feel the relationship would be stronger and last longer. Whether I am interested or not I will stay and chat out of respect if you buy me a drink. Just like I did with this creepy guy at the club last weekend. My biggest problem besides the shyness when trying to talk to a guy is in the back of my mind I think I am a little intimidated because I am attracted to guy’s that some would say are out of my league. The problem is I don’t like hardly any guy’s that are in my league. And I certainly don’t like guys with the same build as me.

  2. “(and women who pose on Grindr as men to get free pics.) ”

    Is this actually a thing?! I was at my female friends house and she was so keen for me to show her all the dick-pics I had on Grindr. I thought she was the only one!

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