TedLast week on Twitter, a trending topic was #TheDontsInaRelationship.  So of course I followed the topic to see what some of you guys and girls had thought up were issues with relationships.  I followed the top Tweets for the tag and oddly TED (from the new movie Ted) ended up having the top tweet!  Anyway check some of what society said are the Dont’s in a Relationship:

  1. @itsrealTED– Don’t talk to someone your partner doesn’t like.
  2. @TheRealBBS – 1) Don’t Lie 2) Don’t Cheat 3) Don’t make promises you can’t keep 4) Don’t say sorry if you’re gonna repeat
  3. @Realistweets – DON’T talk to your ex’s. There’s no such thing as being just friends, either you still care or never did.
  4. ‏@_Jarradandre – never make me feel like I’m not enough for you
  5. @HafizIrfann – don’t cheat in a relationship. If you’re not happy then just leave.
  6. @SimplyLauraa –  don’t talk, text, call, or hang out with your ex.
  7. @JamesPosts – don’t give another girl more attention than your girlfriend.
  8. @duralibektas – DONT talk, text, chill with your ex. Thats off limits
  9. ‏@SupremeClutch – Acting single while you’re in a relationship.
  10. @EcheMadubuike – don’t forget to spend time with your friends. No one likes a friend who disappears once they’re in a relationship.
  11. @whoisvers – don’t make them fall if you have no intentions to catch them.
  12. @CameronRossetti – Don’t take me for granted. Appreciate the things that I do for you.
  13. @_LipsSoFrenchxo – Don’t assume things, just ask.
  14. @CameronRossetti – Don’t hide your phone from me. I’ll be suspicious & assume you’re hiding something that you don’t want me to see.
  15. @EcheMadubuike – Don’t blow her off for your boys. ..It’s bro’s before hoes, not bro’s before your girlfriend

Let me know which you think are the most important to follow, or what one’s you don’t agree with.  You can also always check me out on Twitter at @moneill01 and follow what I’m up to.  Let me know what rule you think is the most important with the #TheDontsInaRelationship.



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4 responses to “#TheDontsInaRelationship

  1. Don’t talk to someone your ex doesn’t like? Uh, what if that’s, like…everyone? Don’t ever talk to your ex? What if you have kids with them and sort of you know, have to talk to them??? Haha some of these are obvious but some are ridiculous. I think sometimes people have standards and expectations a little too high.

  2. Number 3 is just plain harsh. Obviously that person likes to burn bridges. I think #3, 6, & 8 must have had bad break ups with their ex’s. Or their significant others had really horrible ex’s. I think some of the best and most sound rules are. 1) Don’t forget your friends. 2) Communicate with each other completely. 3) don’t be secretive. 4) Interact with your ex, but ask your current significant other first how they feel. And of course don’t cheat and be 100% honest. I’m sure there are some others but that’s all I can think of for now.

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