Teresa Giudice’s On Air Family Issues

teresa giudiceSometimes facing reality can be difficult for many of us to handle.  But for my latest interview, I got to sit down with a women who has to deal with it for a living.  Many of you know her from her hit reality show Real Housewives of New Jersey, and her infamous table flipping.  But I know her from her successful appearance on Celebrity Apprentice raising $70,000 for her charity The NephCure Foundation, as well as her three New York Times best-selling cook books, Skinny Girl, Fabulicious, and Fabulicious! Fast & FitYes, I had the opportunity to speak in length with Teresa Giudice, famed Bravo reality star.

If you are a fan or have been following these housewives throughout their current season, you’ll witness one of the most difficult things people can go through, becoming unassociated with their family. Like Teresa, many families have difficulties but many of us never even think of the issues and the feelings that can arise when working so closely with relatives like she has. Teresa GiudiceIt was an unfortunate dip in our conversation when she stated that she never thought fame would ruin her family, but it in fact has.

During her conversation I asked her how her relationship was with her brother and she simply stated that it was a work in progress.  What makes it difficult for her is that the entire country can watch her struggles and battles play out on television.  Teresa recently appeared on The View (video here)  and while there she stated that there were so many issues, she refused to speak about them while on the show.  She respectfully decided to leave since her family was also appearing later in the same taping.

Many of us are looking for love, and many of us have already found it, but whether you have found love or you seek love in those you already know and grew up with, it’s important to keep in mind why you first found that initial attraction.  Whether that is your parents, your husband, wife, kids or whomever, there will always be a reason you loved that individual you are currently arguing with and even when times get very tough, always work towards a solution, not just another way to win.  It can be a difficult task but its something that both parties need to work towards.  Remember that there are three sides to every story, your side, their side, and the truth. 

With this in mind, here are three tips to remember while arguing with those you love:

  • Take everything with a grain of salt – Everything that upsets you (unless it’s a blatant jab or insult) may indirectly upset you, but think before you react.  Is there any other connotation that the statement could be taken differently
  • Couple TalkingListen – Listening to other’s point of views will help you better understand your own.  If they are willing to argue their point, then there must be some part of truth that they are trying to get across
  • Let others speak more than yourself – By letting the other person speak rather than you forcing your point across, you will be able to communicate better and in turn will resolve any issue quicker

With anyone that we love, there will always be fights, the objective however is to resolve the argument while remembering why we loved the person in the first place.  Don’t work to just win the argument, work to resolve the conflict.

If you would like to check out the full exclusive interview with Teresa Giudice about her Celebrity Apprentice appearance, her time on NJ Housewives, or her new book, click here.  She will be appearing all over the east coast in the upcoming months doing multiple book signings so be sure to check her out!


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