Talking Love with a TV Mob Wife and Hair Stylist

Tracy Dimarco and Corey JerseyliciousSo this past week if you fallow my Facebook page (hint hint), you may have seen that I had the opportunity to meet two great TV stars, Drita from VH1′s Mob Wives and Tracy Dimarco from Style Network’s Jerseylicious. These are two very different women from very different backgrounds but what made it interesting was they are also both in very different parts in their lives on television as well as real life. Viewers of Mob Wives had the opportunity to watch as Drita D’Avanzo go through a tough divorce from now ex husband Lee. If you are a fan of Tracy’s than you will be happy to know that recently she has become engaged to fiancé Corey. These are two very different women from two very different ends of the spectrum both dealing with the issues of Love.

Marriage is one thing many people hope to enjoy one day with someone whom they love.  Now I know marriage is not for everyone and, like in Drita’s situation, unfortunately it doesn’t always work out either.  Drita D'Avanzio and myinnermostthinkingBut when discussing their lives and the state of their relationships, it was interesting to see how they felt about love.  Tracy came across as very excited for her announcement (as she should be) and was anxious to tell the crowd about her big news.  Drita, was asked to discuss her divorce and as a result stated that when it came to ex-husband Lee, she simply said “fuck em.”  What she cared about now is her lovely children and making sure they are happy.  For all my male followers out there, she is back to dating to find the right man so if you can get the chance to meet her, take it!

Love is a strange thing and throughout life it will come and go for all of us.  It is a difficult challenge because we all want to find the feeling of love and when we do, we don’t want to let it go (except for asexual people who aren’t attracted to either sex)Tracy DimarcoBut the reality is that sometimes it takes a while.  Tracy was very fortunate to find an amazing man who will hopefully continue to sweep her off her feet.  Drita once did too, it just took a sour turn.  They both show that love can be possible and that while it may feel difficult at times, there is no reason to give up.  There is someone out there for all of us, and sometimes it just takes a little longer for some to find that right person than others.

Both these ladies show character and a willingness to trust someone else with their lives and even when it faltered, it never stopped either of these strong women from being happy.  So when you think you’ve found the right one, dont second guess yourself my friends, take the chance and go with it.  Only good can come from trying to find true happiness. 

You can follow both these ladies one twitter at @TRACY_DiMARCO and @DritaDavanzo, as well as myself at @moneill01.  Also be sure to check out my review of the show it will be on my Facebook page but can also be found here.


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