Friend Intervention Needed — NYC Girlfriend Stabs Boyfriend

Matt O'Neill

I was up in New York City with some friends this past weekend and during a much-needed shopping spree I came across New York Daily News (Crazy! I know…).  Anyway, the feature story was about a women who stabbed her boyfriend in a lower Manhattan apartment.  They were fighting and I guess it just seemed appropriate to shove a knife in her boyfriend and pierce his lung.  No big deal though because when the neighbor called the cops and they showed up, the boyfriend tried to cover for her saying he stabbed himself and she just ended up getting blood all over herself.  That’s true love.  Of course the detectives didn’t believe a word of it so the girlfriend was arrested.  When friends and family spoke of the couple, the general response was that the couple would most likely get back together, and that’s just how they were.  I was blown away by this situation and thought to myself, how far is too much love?


Manhattan (Photo credit: griangrafanna)

So lets look at the story above and break it down:

  • A boyfriend and girlfriend are fighting
  • She stabs him
  • He lies to protect her
  • She gets arrested anyway
  • Everyone acts like this isn’t a big deal and they will get back together again anyway

There have been times that I’m sure we have all thought to ourselves, I have no idea why I’m still going though with this.  There will always be stressful parts about a relationship, especially when you involve your friends.  They are usually the one’s the go out of their way to make you feel better and by doing so, they will trash talk your partner.  Of course this never feels good and we, many times, like to argue that our friends “just don’t know the whole story”. 

But I’ve always said:

“Relationships come and go, but friendships last forever.  Trust what your friends say because most of the time…they know best.”

There have been many times that I have been with people (and I’ve done this myself) where conversations would typically lead to what the current partner did wrong this time.  Now I know like most people I don’t take my own advice so I don’t always expect others to take mine but…the above quote is completely true.  Think about your friends.  They are the ones that you can go to about anything.  From family issues, to personal crises, to yes even your relationships.  Friends are there to help us sort through our lives and work to get to the best possible place we can be at.

So with the situation above, I think it’s time for a friendship intervention.  These are two people who clearly have issues with themselves as well as within their relationship.  From the constant arguing that the neighbors hear, to the idea that someone makes her so angry that she knowingly and willingly chose to stab her boyfriend in the chest possibly killing him.  The family and friends also all agree that this is normal and it wont effect their relationship!

I hope none of my readers have to go through situations as crazy as this one but, if you are ever in a situation where you aren’t sure why you still love the person.  Trust your friends if they say that it probably isn’t the best relationship for you.  There are plenty of fish in the sea so to speak and the only way you’ll find a new catch is by letting go of the old one.

A panorama of Lower Manhattan as viewed from t...

Have you ever looked back and realized you should have in fact listened to your friend’s advice?


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