The Price Tag of Being Happy

happyThere have been countless times that people have said to me that they never have enough money.  And in all reality who does?  If I could have won the hundreds of millions of dollars from the Power Ball a few weeks ago, I would have totally packed up my life and left my little happy home in Pennsylvania to travel the world for a few weeks (ok months, who am I kidding…).  But like my father always said, “Look at all those celebrates and how unhappy they are with their money, and all those jackpot winners that become depressed because they go bankrupt.”  I mean in all reality it is true, there are many unhappy people in unhappy relationships, even when they have lots of money.  So what can one do about this?

Well Harvard business professor Michael Norton, did some research on the price tag of being happy:

How to buy happiness.

Think about your own life and what you would do if you were given the chance to help someone else.  Think about a time you helped someone else out by using your own money and how it made you feel.  Think of how happy you are now, and think of how you would feel helping someone else.  There are plenty of opportunities to help others in this world, and sometimes lending a helping hand can really change your attitude in an unbeliveable way…I swear!

In what ways have you helped someone else and how has that made you feel?



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5 responses to “The Price Tag of Being Happy

  1. If I won a million bucks my life wouldn’t change very much. I would not quit my job. Maybe go from full time down to part time, but not quit. I get bored to easily. Half of the money would go into the bank and my IRA for retirement. I would buy myself a brand new car instead of a used car. I would pay to have my mothers house remodeled so that she didn’t have to pay for it. I would take a small vacation with friends of course. By yourself would be so boring, at least for me. I would probably add a couple thousand into my stock account. And give a couple hundred or thousand to wildlife charities and the HRC.

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