TV’s Sexy Male Heart-Throbs

Staring at TVThere is a reason soap operas are so popular during the afternoon.  And no it’s not because it’s the only thing to watch while you’re home waiting for the kids to be done school…it’s because it’s a time that women are home alone and can fantasize about the sexy hunks that they see on TV.  While I’m not a soap opera junky, there are still plenty of TV shows that I have watched purely for the male cast.  Here is my list of the 10 sexiest male characters on TV:

1. Jason Stackhouse – True Blood

 Jason Stackhouse

Yes if there is one reason why I watch this searies…it’s for him.  His simple-minded attitude and toned up body is certainly something that can get a person drooling.

2. Archer – Archer


The sexiest of all cartoon characters, he’s a drunk James Bond.  Whats more of a pants dropper than for someone to be able to save your life as well as keep sculpted abs, all the while not remembering your name?

3. Young Ray Archer – Alcatraz

Young Ray Archer - Alcatraz

This new show was created by the makers of Lost.  We can only hope that this heart-throb wont be cast off the show…and that the series finale wont leave us as confused as Lost did.

4. Seth Cohen – The O.C.

Seth Cohen OC

It was a nighttime soap opera.  For teenage girls and gay boys.  Who wouldn’t want to move to Orange County for a chance to hang out with this?

5. Michael Scofield – Prison Break

Michael Scofield - Prison Break

Nothing hotter than a bad boy!  If this convict broke into my house and said he needed to hide out, I’d have the curtains drawn and the door locked.  He would be safe with me for as long as he wanted.

6. Blaine Anderson – Glee

Blaine Anderson - Glee

He can sing, he can dance, and he can be a total heart-throb.  Who didn’t fall in love with Blaine the moment they saw him, and who didn’t get jealous of Kurt for being able to fall in love.

7. Spartacus – Spartacus: Blood and Sand


This show was all about the male nudity.  The story of a gladiator hero, it came to no shock to me that almost every episode contained a penis at some point.

8. Declan Coyne – Degrassi: The Next Generation

 Declan Coyne

These broken high school students were a mess.  If I went through the issues some of these kids took on, I would have hated high school.  So much drama, so much attraction, so many pregnancies.

9. Dexter Morgan – Dexter

 Dexter Morgan

Crazy? Yes.  Crazy Hot? Yes.  This murderer is someone to be admired in his Miami condominium.

10. Sgt. Colbert – Generation Kill

 Sgt. Colbert

This little known mini series on HBO is all about those men in uniform.  I’m sure I lost you between his picture and me saying “men in uniform” so I wont say any more.

In my next post I will go into the sexiest devas on television.

Am I missing anyone or is there a sexier guy on TV? Do you agree with my choices?



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2 responses to “TV’s Sexy Male Heart-Throbs

  1. Well these guy’s are hot but I don’t watch any of these shows. Though I might have included Jake from “The Secret Circle” played by Chris Zylka. He was also Number 4 in the movie “I am number 4”.

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