Six Strangely Sexual Foods

Shocked in bedEveryone wants a good night in bed.  And what better way to achieve one with that one special person (or special one night stand depending on who you are), then with a sexy aphrodisiac!  For those of you that don’t know, an aphrodisiac is a food that you can consume which will increase your desires for sex.  But if you’re going to go with the sex potion of food, why not do the big leagues?  Below are 6 of the strangest aphrodisiacs that people actually consume.

1. Cobra Blood


This southern Chinese tradition dates back you 206 BC and they say half the thrill is just catching the damn thing.  It’s a poisonous snake that kills hundreds each year.  So what’s gonna get you hard?  The blood with a few pieces of snake genitalia.  YUM!

2. Sea Cucumber

Sea Cucumber

Fun Fact: if you shake this creature underwater…it secretes semen like fluid out!  No wonder people eat these as male enhancers.

3. Bird’s Nest Soup

birds nest soup

These nests are glued together with the use of the birds own spit.  They are extremely hard to get resulting in a delicacy on the Eastern side of the world.  Add a little rock sugar to the soup and voila!

4. Spanish Fly

Spanish Fly

The fly’s secretions will actually cause irritation if applied to the skin.  But when eaten…oh boy is it great.  The result is a “swell” of confidence that may (often in this case) require medical attention.

5. Leaf-Cutter Ants

leaf cutter ants

A South American Specialty! Who wouldn’t want to eat a creature that is commonly called horminga culona or “large-bottomed ant”?  Once the legs and wings are removed they are common gifts to newlyweds.

6. Tiger Penis

Tiger's penis

I would not like to be the guy that had to go grab that thing!  And how do you bring that home and say what, “Darling, I brought something for our special night…”

So next time your out and want a great night of sex,  be sure to request the specialty because you never know…ant ass for you might be perfect while he’s chowing down on tiger balls.

Credit for this information is from this site. What other strange things have you eaten just before sex?


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  1. They are some strange ones. I actually have the recipe somewhere for the Sex Muffin that one of the radio morning shows talked about a couple of years ago. Never made the muffins and tried them but have the recipe. LOL

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