The 4 Best Gifts for a Nerdy Boyfriend

GamerWhen your boyfriend isn’t answering his phone you know he’s busy killing russian terrorists in the years latest Call of Duty game.  The only time you’ve seen him cry was when the Broncos lost the 2012 Superbowl on his Xbox.  Yes people, you have a totally nerdy boyfriend and you love it.  You have no issue going out with the girls to let your man stay home to figure out the latest puzzle in Portal 2.  But now you have an anniversary or birthday coming up, what now?  Fear not, here is my list of four perfect gifts to give to your nerdy man:

1. WOW cash

World of Warcraft

Whether he is buying his new house, or just needs a few extra bucks for a trusty steed, The World of Warcraft game is a huge hit.  If your man plays this then why not get him some extra cash to spend in this wonderful online world.  Theres nothing like that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you know you’re helping your boyfriend end the apocalypse with a magical panda.

2. A Nerd Shirt

nerd shirt

You know he loves you, and boys will be boys, so why not get him a cute nerd shirt to compliment.  There are plenty of stores online to purchase some really creative graphic tees. Now when he gets stressed because he lost again in COD (Call of Duty…come on!) he wont be sweating it up and ruining his Game Stop work cloths…that means less laundry for you!

3. Gaming Accessories

Game Table

We don’t like to admit it but yes we would TOTALLY love the heavy-duty headsets to drown out our roommates.  Amazon is an easy way to get ahold of these without having to step out the door.  And frankly he wont notice your online shopping cause hes to busy yelling at the other team because of that half court shot that was just taken in his latest NBA game.

4. GameFly Subscription


So these are all well and good but your man has all these.  What is the behemoth of all nerdy gaming gifts?  A GameFly subscription of course!  GameFly is the Netflix of gaming.  Rent out games for as long as you like, if you like it, buy it at a discount, and if not send it back.  This little gem is just over 20 bucks a month but if you notice that the boys seem to go through games quickly, this is a great way to get new ones one the fly and save some serious cash.

Pick one of these items and you are sure to make your next moment special.  Being a gamer myself and realizing that I am attracted to other nerdy boys, this is a pretty solid list of items, that will definitely get you guy smiling.

What items have you bought your gaming boyfriend to make him happy? 



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3 responses to “The 4 Best Gifts for a Nerdy Boyfriend

  1. christiangmill

    I sure would love a nerd shirt. Very hilarious, yet true, post lol.

  2. So is this a hint of what you want for your next Birthday? LOL

    I love a good computer game, but don’t have time for them right now while in school. And I don’t care for games that you constantly have to keep shelling out money for. I want to buy the game once and never have to spend another sent on it. Not much into console games though. Except maybe Wii Games.

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