Will Love Really Make you Happy?

Finger LoveThere have been multiple people since I began writing my blog, that have come up to me and asked me for advice.  They find it hard to find a relationship that will drive them to be happy.  Everyone wants a boyfriend it seems like.  Both women and men that are single want that satisfaction and sensation of being in love.  So how do you find it?  How do you go about getting that perfect spouse?  Look at anyone who has been in a relationship for a very long time.  specifically look at those that are very happy, maybe they are planning on getting married, maybe they already are.  Now if you immediately thought of that person who “has it all” then you might be on to something.  Those people did not just stumble into being happy and perfect all by accident.  They first fixed themselves.  They worked hard to make themselves happy.  So the true question I would like to ask you is will love really make you happy?

Being HappyThere have been countless times that I have went out and said I REALLY want a boyfriend.  And in some sence that is true.  But in all reality, many people will not find a mate if they are set on looking for one.  One reason that you might be so intent on finding “the one”, is because you feel that the person will bring balance to your life.  But what if they don’t.  What if after falling for someone, you realize down the road that you are still not happy.  The key is to not find someone else to make you happy, find things that make YOU happy.  There are millions of things you can change about yourself.  And for all those that are looking for a boyfriend because they are not happy, I strongly urge you to first look at a few areas of yourself.  See if there is a part of your life that is missing.  And if you don’t think so, focus on one of these areas as a way to view improvement.  Feeling better about yourself will then illuminate from you, making you look more desirable.

A close look at the following areas regarding yourself is key.

  1. Body Image – Are you happy with the way to look right now when you stand in front of a mirror?  If not, look into making it a goal to lose just a few pounds and stick with it.  Even a ten pound loss will have a dramatic effect on your self-image.
  2. Income – Are you making enough money to support your habits and your lifestyle?  Why not drive for that promotion or that raise.  If you are passionate about an art of some sort, consider trying to make money off of it by freelancing; there are plenty of sights on which to sell your dreams, goals, and passions.
  3. Relationships – Have you recently faced a ruined relationship with someone close to you?  Don’t try to fill an empty heart with a spouse just because another relationship fell apart.  Whether this be personal, family or another ex, it is not fair to you or the person you are trying to date if it is just to fill that void with false feelings.  Try to make a new friend first, that might be all you need.

Pretty HappyThose areas are key to beginning to grow yourself and in terms of becoming happier.  Look carefully at your own life and really consider if any of those areas need to be altered.  Don’t take large steps to try to fix it, none of these are overnight changes.  They are all things that can change if you take the right baby steps.  A better you can only be the result; so what do you have to lose?

When was the last time you looked at yourself and tried to change something?  Were you successful?  How did it make you feel?



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2 responses to “Will Love Really Make you Happy?

  1. I am content with my life. Not 100% happy but am content. Making major or minor changes in myself or my life does not change how I feel. Partly due to the fact that in my mind I’ve always seen myself how I expect myself to become.

    • I guess a lot has to do with if what you invision yourself to become is good or bad…if its a negative image then you will be less likely to try and change anything but if it’s positive…then work to get there sooner!

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