“What’s a Date?” Part 2

Online datingSo as I mentioned in Part 1 of this post, I would dive further into how technology has changed the dating scene forever.  I will admit that I know both failures as well as success stories, from each of the technologies I’ll list below.  So to say if they work or not, I do not know, all I know is dating ain’t what it used to be.  So get your tablets ready for downloading, log onto your favorite dating site, and prepare yourself to get sucked into the world of digital, as taking a girl out on the town means little if you look like a whore on Facebook.

I want to begin by stating that not everyone uses these means of dating.  I know plenty of people who will still meet someone out at a party, out at a bar, through friends at home or at school, and develop very deep and meaningful relationship.  But that doesn’t mean that sites like the very seclusive “christianmingle” don’t exist.  But the true question is do they work.  I’ll break down my thoughts on each of the three main game changers that I see that has altered the life of dating.

Dating sites – We have all seen the ads on TV.  We have all watched as the happy couple meet through some fait, and the beautiful couple hits it off right away.  Don’t we all wish it would be that easy?  We could look over 100 profiles and find one person that was sexy, classy, and into the same things as ourselves!  With the way that Match.com and eHarmony advertise, it’s no wonder that over 20 million people are registered across the web.  Sure there is bound to be someone who cares about you right?  I’m sure people never thought that almost a third of all those registered, are also currently in some sort of relationship with someone else already.  They use this as a way to secretly see what else is out there.


My verdict?  While I have a very good friend that met her first (currently working on moving in together) husband on there, I don’t think it’s for everyone.  If the person seems like they are too good to be true, there may be a pretty good chance that they are.  Just be safe, meet in a neutral place, and check for that tan line where a ring should be.

Social “Gay” Apps. – This is for all my gay followers.  Grindr, Scruff, BoyAhoy, Jack’d; yes I have been on them all.  Since the days of my whoring died down, I have transitioned away from the ever promiscuous apps to more literal acts of lust through lots of booze and slutty bar outfits.  Boys beware, if someone is willing to meet up with you on one of these sites, you better remember that they also are most likely willing to meet up with anyone else on the site.  Think of how many people you slept with for a second, now assume every person you slept with, slept with that many people as well.  If you’re good at math, multiply your number  of partners to the power of itself and that’s how many people could have given you something (ex. ten partners means one raises ten to the tenth power).  Be careful and wear protection.


My verdict? For lust: two thumbs up.  For love: two thumbs down.

Electronic Communication – Facebook, Twitter, Texting, Google +, are all sources for communication with people not only within your network of friends but it has also allowed for communication around the world.  I have heard SO many times from all sorts of friends about how they met someone on one of these sites and now they are talking.  There are also plenty of people who have created relationships with those they have never met.  This all leads into texting.  The digital voice so to speak.  It destroys all sence of emphasis, character, and originality as the LOLs and the OMGs of the world take over.  I once saw a quote “They were the happiest couple they could be, until they read each others texts.”  Unfortunately this scenario happens time and time again!  I just had a friend of mine learn that his boyfriend was cheating on him because of the texts he was sending out to other people.  Think of your own life, has there ever been a time that you chose to delete a text or two, erase a Facebook message, just because you thought that it might get you into some hot water?  I know I have.

Social Sites

My verdict? It’s changed the way we interact with people, these tools have become a primary usage in all our lives, and it has destroyed traditional dating.  It will certainly open you up to new people and new places but remember that if you meet someone on one of these sites, you may not be the only one that they are talking to.  With a mix of trust, and just a dash of sharing your social site, baked in with the trading of your cell phone password, I think will make the relationship most transparent and therefore strongest.

What other technologies have you come across that you feel have changed the dating world?  Do you agree with my verdicts?  What do you feel is the strongest game changer in the world of love?



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2 responses to ““What’s a Date?” Part 2

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  2. I have to admit I was on match.com for a year and did not go on one single date or meet one single person. My theory is that every single guy I hit up. Takes one look at my pictures and doesn’t even bother to reply or sometimes even look at my profile. They see the way I look and don’t bother to get to know the person on the inside. And it’s not easy for me because I am attracted to guy’s that are younger then myself and have a skinny to average build. I’m not attracted to heavy set guys or overly muscular guys. The sad thing is half or more of the friends I have on Facebook are just my type.

    I agree with your two thumbs up two thumbs down for the gay social apps but I also disagree. But that is only because I have made some good friends on some of those apps. And never met any hook-ups as of yet. But then again in 10 years I’ve only been with 8 different people. By the way I’ve only been sexually active for 10 years, lol.

    As for the digital voice. I always reread any Text Message, Instant Message, or Email before I send it. And I never share passwords of any kind. If my significant other(when I have one) asks to read my email or see my text’s I will gladly log in for them to read them all. I have nothing to hide from them.

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