Derek Zoolander was right

SnobSome weeks I feel like I have nothing to write about and others I feel like I have so many thought I wouldn’t need a new post every day.  This is one of those weeks.  Of course I’ll be in Dallas most of the week for work but do not fear my friends I have already lined up a post to be sent out later this week.  So to begin I my week like I always do I was reading some other people’s blogs about their lives and what they were talking about in the past week.  I came across one post called :”The Road To Riches: Count Me Out” in which the blogger (Sarah) explains how she hates those uppity folks that spend mountains of cash on themselves for ugly accessories.  I love her posts and love what she writes about so I would defiantly check her out but here’s my little personal story about all this “name-brand hoo honkey”.

So to begin if you know my friends, you should immediately know who I’ll be referencing throughout this post and as always I wont be name dropping but, I think it fits this post’s theme well.  I have this friend (WHOM I LOVE) that comes out with us generally on a regular bases.  He, like me, can be quite the social butterfly while out so we become a good pair as we meet up with all sorts of people and friends.  The only thing I don’t get is his reasoning for his blacklist of chosen fashions.  I’ve heard time and time again him compliment people on their outfits but once he discovers that it’s not a high-end clothing line, the outfit looks like crap.  Total ego booster after I was just placed on a pedestal.  Anyway I’m just stating that I don’t always understand fashion, Some of the most expensive things in the world wouldn’t look good even if Heidi Klum was rocking out in it.

Derek ZoolanderAs Derek Zoolander once said: “Have you ever wondered if there was more to life, other than being really, really, ridiculously good-looking?

So why not shop at K-Mart?

If an outfit looks good then it shouldnt matter where or who made it, that’s the idea right?  Then why doesn’t K-Mart sell out daily.  The outfits that many find in these high-end stores (generally, not always) can be found in many of these lower priced department stores.  Sarah made a good point that she didn’t like how these people turn their nose away from those that can not afford their high-end “vintage” products, but she still wanted to stick to the Forever 21’s that she liked.  Many of those dresses even in there can be seen hanging on racks right within JCPennys.  It’s all about image.  If it weren’t then we wouldn’t be shopping at the stores we liked.  It’s easy to say that one wouldn’t want to be seen acting like those in the high-end fashion stores, but in all reality I think it would be different if you could afford that $500 dollar purse that was mentioned, and still have enough money for the gas in your car for the ride home.Car out of gas

At least if you ran out of gas…people would notice your scratched up “vintage” bag and think “not only could that poor girl not afford gas, look at how old and ragged her purse is with all those scratches!”

Has there ever been something that you paid WAY too much money for but knew that you just HAD to have it so that you could claim you own that particular brand?  Comment below and tell us your stories.



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10 responses to “Derek Zoolander was right

  1. I am not a proverbial “label whore”. The closest I get to buying a label or brand name is American Eagle. But I only shop off of the discount/clearance rack. I am a bargain shopper. When I was younger just about all my clothes came from the Vanity Fair Factory Outlets in Reading, PA. Why pay top dollar for something if you don’t have to. Most of the clothes that I am wearing currently on my non working days were bought 4 years ago at Kohl’s on sale and with reward money. And all my clothes I wear for work come from work aka Walmart. I just can’t see paying more for something no matter how bad you want it if you can find it cheaper somewhere else. I don’t believe in paying more then $10-$15 for a shirt, $8-$12 for pants, $8-$12 for a 6pk of underwear(Not just one pair, that’s just ludacris), and $5-$12 for a pk of socks preferably a 6pk or more. People that strictly buy labels or brand names either are to stupid to care about their money or have no self control or common sense on how to save. I just hope their fashion sense doesn’t over shadow their better personality traits. I’m not a fashion person and never will be. I buy and wear what is comfortable, not what is hip or trendy. I’m an Aquarius, I don’t conform to society or the current trends. I enjoy being different and weird!!

  2. Eric Tranter

    I have to say I am/was/sometimes still,a label whore… my Mother was a fashionista,we were always dressed in the lates fashions since we were children,everything was the best,and as I have grown and matured I have several different groups of friends,so now i have several different styles of wardrobes,would /i wear a Ralph Lauren Polo shirt that cost $225.00 with friends I know can not afford them…no.I shop everywhere,now with my sisters for occasions will only buy me brand name clothing and nothing more.I admit I would pay $100 foe a shirt or a pair of jeans and $300 for a Sweater,but like Kevin B said it really dosent matter where you buy your clothes,yes I have had plenty of “must have” lists and have gotten them,1/4 of them are still in the closet still have the tags on them ,and what is the hype about this Vintagw shit,,,it’s used clothing w/a fancy name,so in ending i can say i swing both sides of the fence sorta way……But theses days id rather have gas then a $250 shirt….great post Kevin…

    • If you grew up likeing fashion, you will always like fashion I feel…but I love your ending…it’s funny how most people will now choose gas over just about anything when they decide to go out, shop, hang with people, vacation ect. ect.

  3. I am big on paying for experiences rather than things! I feel justified in blowing 200 dollars on a concert or fancy dinner with friends now and then because it’s more meaningful than a bag or shoes that will only make me happy momentarily!

  4. Love this! I am big on spending money on experiences rather than “things.” So a 250 dollar bag? No way. A 250 concert with all of my friends? Sure thing.

  5. Whoooops on the double post. Silly computer.

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