Sugar Daddy’s are more than Candy

I was going over my horrible spending habits this past weekend because I am looking into buying a new car.  I realized I spent WAY too much on life.  Most of it on new clothing because a boy can never have enough pairs of shoes.  This got me thinking though; I went on a date a few weeks ago with a boy who was very nice, we had dinner, enjoyed a movie, and had great conversation.  We went to a really nice restaurant and had a wonderful meal.  The only issue was all night the conversation seemed to go back to finances.  I love myself a sugar daddy as much as the next guy but I really didn’t like the idea of talking about how much money he made.  So after a few extra stong drinks, I was able to drown him out while he went on about those “great conversation pieces” I mentioned earlier.  The night concluded, and by the time I left I am pretty sure I could have been his certified accountant.  I was quite taken back by the amount of information he was willing to share.  So as I got back into my beat up, run down, 600 dollar, 2000 dodge neon, I thought to myself could I even date a guy who was out of my wealth range?

MoneyPeople marry for all sorts of reasons.  Some is for love, others is for power, and for some, it’s the money.  So what are the challenges that come with falling for someone who can not live the lifestyle you do.  Does it ever get tiresome spending your own money on someone who can not do the same…or does love trump all?  I was in a relationship once where my partner gave me his debit card and as long as I told him when I was using it, life was good.  We were both happy but did it result in an unbalanced relationship?  There are plenty of people who try to use wealth to get what they want.  I was actually on one of the gay hookup apps on my phone, and someone offered for me to move down to West Virginia to live with them and be a stay at home trophy husband.  He was willing to pay for everything when we never even met!  Now granted I did consider it of course but I was turned off by the WV. part.  Any other state and he would have had me at hello.

What about shows like Millionaire Matchmaker (which I LOVE!)?  People on that show are rich and famous and they still find average people to spend their lives with.  Yet those possible average Joes are going into the mixers knowing that if they can please this millionaire, their life is set for them.  I know that Patti  will try to match up people based on interests and age but in the end, those people going to the mixers know that they are getting a pretty sweet deal.  If anyone knows how I can get on that show…also let me know so I can find my Moneybags…I mean…my man.

How does money affect your life and your relationships, do you think it is even an issue at all?  Should that cone into consideration before you even begin to commit yourself to that person?  Does anyone else think that there needs to be a limit to the shower of gifts and name-brand name dropping that should be done before you two are exclusive? Comment below on your thoughts about the world of relationship finances!


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  1. fabulous cousin

    yup. totally been there, and i was 15 yrs older than he.

    i am successfully self employed, financially secure and stable.
    he was uneducated, living in low income housing, unemployed.

    and i loved him more than anything, and he felt the same way.

    and he lives in boston, i in philadelphia.
    i had to pay for everything, including all of the travel between us. i regularly travel over christmas so for us to do it together, i had to pay for it all

    unfortunately , love was not enough.
    and we talked about the difference in lifestyles at the beginning of our 3 year relationship.

    i know that each of us will always love the other, but it just could never work.

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