Broken Love and Poopy Face

So this is almost like a continuation from my last post Sex Toys, Nipples, and Crying….  As the night concluded a friend of mine and myself began to talk.  It wasn’t about friends or who liked who.  It was about us.  Us as a friendship, us as a couple, us in the future.  We talked about how we could not become a couple because it would just not work and we came to an agreement that there was no real way that we would work out.  As another person I know put it, we were both obviously attracted to one another.  We have a lot in common and at some points we almost fight like a married couple!  We would get jealous of one another, we would criticize one another, all the while we knew that the other person was the one person we could go back to.  In some ways and on some level we almost…loved…each other.  It is apparent that there is some level of bonding that must be broken.  It was an affair gone on to long and now needs to stop.  No more flirting, no more affection, no more passion.  We are building a relationship that will become strictly platonic.  How easy is it to be around someone you care about when there was once something there?

Is it possible for someone to interact with someone who they once loved?  What needs to be done when they are around each other.  I actually know a couple of people (including myself) that have this very issue.  The feelings rush up, the mind starts to wander, your body gets hot; you care about this person.  You know what it is like to be with this person; you feel you know them better than anyone else in the world.  But you just can’t have them.  Is there a way out of this cage that this person has put you in?  Try as you might, but every time you’re with someone else all you can do is compare them to that one true love that got away.  But what do you do, and how do you go about creating a friendship when there was once so much more?  Is it even possible to do?  There will always be those things/items that make you think of that special person.  And everyone knows that those iconic items will reappear the most after you have lessened the relationship.  It’s so ironic that things like this can happen to a person.  It’s crazy that no matter what you do, what people say, how you try to move away, its like your mind that wont let you get away with it.  Maybe it’s not even possible to get away from it, who knows.  I don’t want to end the relationship but there are definitely things that him and I are going to have to do in order to make sure this change stays permanent as it is going to be difficult on both our parts.  How have you dealt with transitioning from an intimate relationship, to a friendship, comment below.

One a side note, I went out earlier this week and some hipster kid tried to make fun of my outfit.  I explained to him that he looked like someone took a massive poop on his face and that he needs to get rid of the creeper mustache and mole drills he has imbedded in his skin right under his one eye before he can talk to me.  I know, classy…but then again I was also flirting with a 65-year-old man to get free drinks, so I guess my comments weren’t the worst action I preformed all night.



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4 responses to “Broken Love and Poopy Face

  1. Amanda

    This perfectly sums up my relationship with my “best friend” sorry straight “best friend”. I dated him for a while then ended things because I didn’t want to get to involved that we couldn’t be friends if something went wrong. I still love him very much and can’t fight the feeling that one day we may end up together, but I’m scared that this may effect my current relationship. It’s hard to find the boundaries, especially when sometimes all I want to do is grab and kiss him. Oh well im a lost soul I guess 😦

  2. I totally agree Amanda I think every person has someone in their life where they would love to be with them, but know they just can’t right now…or maybe ever.

  3. Jack

    Wow, really good article matt. I can’t even begin to think how i can possibly be friends with my ex now that we have broken up. We were together a few years and he’s since moved on with a new boyfriend. We still talk occasionally but its all small talk, neither of us really wants to hear about the others personal life, even though we used to be the center of it. We always said that we would always be friends if we ever broke up, man were we wrong. Its been 6 months, but theres sooo much baggage and bullshit to wade through. How do you get through all the pain, the jealousy, the drama….the custody battles!! and try to get to a friendship. Sometimes you just cant go back, its either all or nothing. Once you have filet mignon, theres no way you can go back to spam. They say that time heals all wounds, i’m not so sure that its true. I am praying that in a few years i go back and look at how i am now, and laugh about how foolish i was. But, in the here and now, I can only deal with what i have on my plate today……spam.

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