Don’t we all Pirate?

So in honor of the SOPA act I feel that it is only right to tell the world some of the things I wish I had pirated.  This act would pretty much destroy tons of sites and would throw companies for a loop as they all struggle to make sure they have no copyrighted infringed material.  It would also hold sites accountable for user uploaded content.  This would reflect on major sites like Wikipedia, WordPress, Google ect.  It would also prohibit search engines from showing content that contain Pirated material.  But just so you know…the list I am about to show you…all the images I use, have technically been pirated as they are not my own content.  So take that Hollywood!  But onto the list:

1. The Planet Earth Series

 I was so excited about purchasing the DVD collection, which cost almost 80 bucks…after watching it once, I realized that it was really dumb.  Maybe I missed the point, but I really felt like you would have to be high to enjoy that type of material more than once.  And lets face it we could all probably throw EVERY documentary into this category.

2. The second Panic! At The Disco CD

No one can honestly sit through that, and tell me it was a good CD.  It was nothing like the first and as a result they haven’t come out with another CD since.  Go back to what you were good at and stop trying change.  The only person that can make change look good is Obama (sorry Republicans).

3. The Entire Simpsons series

I grew up with the Simpsons, my family didn’t get cable until I was like 14 so the Simpson’s were classics.  I tried to begin collecting them and after about four DVD seasons and 300 dollars deep I gave up.  There are just to many seasons and not enough money in my wallet.  Fun fact did you know that there only might be two more seasons because the actors have to take a price cut due to less popularity?

4. Pirates! the porn

I actually do have this (I won’t say if it’s pirated).  A copy of the most expensive porn movie ever made fell into my hands.  It really isn’t worth the price you would pay for it, and I feel like if someone could actually sit through that entire film and still not “enjoy” themselves, then it just isn’t going to happen.

5. The Bioshock Xbox game

I played the entire game and had no idea what the ending ment.  I really thought I was following but obviously not.  I would Wikipedia it right now to spoil the ending but it’s currently blacked out…

Anyway those are the 5 things I wish I could have pirated looking back now.  What types of things (movies, games, music ect.) have you bought that you look back and say wow that sucked I really wish I didn’t just send money on that…be sure to comment your thoughts and follow the blog!


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