Real life needs an “Unfriend” Option

So this weekend I took a step back and avoided the whole club scene.  Instead I drank way too much wine as a small highschool like reunion, and drank too much liquor at a frat boy’s birthday.  Both nights were extremely fun and eventful and it was a nice change to hang out with some old friends (both metaphorically, as well as literally).  It was also a pleasure to hear people tell me how they enjoyed my blog which of course was awesome, so I am glad everyone is enjoying my posts.  Of course if you ever have suggestions please feel free to let me know!

So Friday night we had a dinner party and it was supposed to be the group of friends that we used to hang out with in highschool.  Some people could not attend of course because of other issues.  Saturday night we celebrated a 25th birthday and a solid core group of people ended up showing up, but again, there were people missing.  Now I can not take credit for this post entirely as it was the birthday boy who brought it up, but on the rare occasions that you try to get a group of friends together, some learn who really matters by the attendance.  Have you ever had a friend that you thought was close to you but when it came down to it, you realized that when you really wanted them for something special, they fell short?  How do you break up with friends?

I am sure we have all been there, we throw a party, get really excited about setting up the plans, we pick who we invite very carefully, and prepare for a great night of fun.  What happens however, is those few people whom you were extra enthused about going, don’t show up.  Sometimes I feel this makes a person wonder, and realize that sometimes their friends can take advantage of you.  I know I have a few friends that I know are very close, they feel this entitles them to think that I would care less when they do not pull through.  When this happens what is someone to do?  Do you confront them, do drop the situation, do you retaliate?  No one wants to lose a friend, its tough, especially when they might be a close one, but is it not also a disappointment when someone you think cares, drops the ball?

Every person I was out with this weekend had an awesome time.  I saw no complaints from anyone, but I know that the group that was together in both cases had some more “casual friends” show up, while the closer friends bailed.  What does this say about either group?  Maybe that casual friend really is the person that you should have been going to all along, and maybe they are the one that cares about your happiness more.  I in no means say that it is easy to do but there may just be times that people really need to just let go of friends and transition their core group to another audience.  How you do this I haven’t the slightest clue, it’s as perplexing as any other relationship you may be in, you don’t want to lose the person but you know that things just aren’t going to work out in the long run.  Maybe watching some romantic comedies can help, they always seem to have that unsuspecting character end up being the one that makes the main character happy.  We all want that happy ending that we see in the movies, so maybe Hollywood really does have the right idea.

To the meat head that asked to be in my next blog post, while I don’t mention names of anyone, here is you little shout out, and thanks for the kiss at the end of the night, I’ll never let you live that down!



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2 responses to “Real life needs an “Unfriend” Option

  1. KyleSieg

    LOL – fun nights NOT at the club can be more fun than fun nights AT the club. For sure.

    • Hahaha so very very true…last weekend if you read my post, that was a fun night as a whole! I didn’t even mind watching my friends fight…it made me glad it wasn’t me drunkenly fighting with people this time!

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