He loves me, he loves me not…oh wait…he does too.

Alright I’m sorry it’s so late but here is my little weekend update from this past weekend.  So my friends and I had decided to invite some friends out this past weekend in hopes of having a larger group of people to go to the club with us.  I personally decided that I would bring two new friends out to meet the group.  One person I had been talking to for about a week and they seemed pretty nice so I offered a day or two prior to Friday night, he and a friend come stay in the city with the “gang”.  I was kind enough to bring the booze, offer the bed space, and entertain each of them as they were new to the whole club scene.  Well it started off as any other night, but by 10 PM my little “date” was SO drunk he was telling me he loved me.  I had no other choice but to drag him around the party, making him announce to each of my friends that he was in love with me.  Talk about an ego boost. Now remember I was only talking to this kid for a week prior to friday.  So I guess the real issue here (besides the fact that my wine was used up MUCH faster than normal) was how soon is too soon to say “I love you.”?

If we look back through history, people died at a very early age.  The cause was just primarily the lack of modern science and lack of knowledge that we have now.  So if this whole incident had taken place years ago, it may not have been so strange to fall in love so quickly.  If there was less time to live your life, I feel it was a little less outlandish to state your love for someone so quickly.  Now however, because of how much longer we live, people are chosing to wait much longer before marrying, if marrying at all.  Can you really fall in love that quick with someone?  Does that mean that perhaps you had such an instant connection that there is a real possibility that you were ment to love that person?  What if both characters in the situation were to feel the same connection, does that mean that they connected so quickly on an instant level that they were ment to be together?

I also had another person that I had gone on dates in the past tell me that they knew after the first date, that I would eventually become their boyfriend.  If I were to have felt the same way, I feel as though that ment that we connected perfectly, therefore probably meaning we were ment to be together.  Others would argue that we were crazy.  But what if that spark, that one moment, what if love at first sight were real.  Would it mean that we all wait around for the day that we walk down the street and when our eyes meet another’s, we will know that was the instant connection we were looking for?

On a side note, I do not really talk to the boy who fell in love with me, I turned down the boy who asked me out after stating that he knew we would be together, and I spent my Saturday night gossiping with an old boss of mine about how almost every guy I turned down, was at the bar with me, trying to get my attention again.  I guess that’s God’s way of say, “Just pick a damn mate already, JEEZE!”



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3 responses to “He loves me, he loves me not…oh wait…he does too.

  1. Hi! I feel the same way about relationships of recent years. I think the past generations rushed in marriage because they had minimal time to live and build a family. Now our lifespan (if we’re lucky) has expanded so we should not have to settle for the first person who falls for you. I respect that you didn’t just pick a mate who told you there was a relationship between you two in their eyes. It’s great to see people wait until there is a real connection instead of forcing something that is not there for both the people involved!

  2. Bryan Penelope Tait

    I’ll be your mate please! I love you Matthew please!

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