With open arms and open legs — SEX

So I am not sure if I have mentioned that I am talking to someone…but I am, well sort of…I think.  They are really cute but there are issues with our little “relationship”.  I for one, am very happy being single and focusing solely one my work and I know he is not quite over the ex.  If he ever will be I don’t know, only time will tell but I guess we will see.  Everything has been going very well and we get along great when we are together but I feel like it’s not enough.  He wanted to save himself until after the holidays to be intimate.  Now mom if you are reading this…stop.  But for others, and I will try to keep this as clean as possible but, how much of a relationship should be based on the relationship, and how much on sex?

I know people who are in great relationships and they are also very vocal about their sex lives.  I was in a relationship in the past that was just that.  We got along, for the most part,  and we really enjoyed each others company but, when we were out, I knew everyone would know about our sex life.  I also know, and have been in these relationships, that are very hush-hush.  Does this mean that they are not sexually active? Who knows.  What I am curious about is when it comes to relationships how much do you feel one should weigh someone’s sexual ideals into the equation of finding love.  If you have a totally awesome partner and they are perfect in every way, but do not perform well in the bedroom, is that a deal breaker?  Some would say yes because they are in fact very active, others may think they there is more to a relationship than that, and it should not matter.  Very traditional families have the stereo type of waiting until marriage before having sex.  With this being the case do you feel that waiting could destroy the relationship?  What about the other way.  We all know of friends with benefits but if you go down that road, is there no connection in some way?  Two movies were released last summer “Friends with Benifits” and “Just Friends” I think they were called.  Now totally off topic, how dumb is it that they release the exact same movie with different characters within a two month period.  Anyway, in both movies the characters try to have a non relationship type of sex life, but in the end, they fall for each other.

This post is a little shorter than what I normally type up but I feel this is more aimed at you readers…what do you think about sex.  How important is sex in regards to measuring someone’s relationship.  Is it a deal breaker, should it matter, is it everything?  Click and comment below and let me know what you think about S-E-X.



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5 responses to “With open arms and open legs — SEX

  1. Sexy twink

    I totally agree that sex is a big part of it…I know I would end something SO fast if there was no connection on an intimite level

  2. Sexy twink

    I would end it so fast if there was no sex life

  3. lovebug

    I think sex is only part of a relationship, but varies from person. I for one am going on 8 months with my boyfriend. He is absolutely the most sweetest guy you’d ever meet, has a great job, loves my friends. He’s perfect. But, i dont think i would consider him to be my ideal guy in a physical sense. He’s not as physically fit as i would like, which makes it hard for me to be excited about sex… but i still love him. My point is, i think sex or no sex has little to do with a couples success, as long as you are connected mentally with the one you are in a relationship with. 🙂

  4. Louis

    It really depends on the people. I was just in a FWB situation but my FWB only liked having sex once a day. Like I would wake up in the morning raring to go but he was so not into it. He was super sexy, I liked him more than I should have, and I would have liked to date him but I really think the sex thing would have become a problem eventually. I mean he was open to trying new things but I would have loved to just spend an entire day naked body exploring and getting off every hour on the hour. It really depends on the person and their sex drive. Like he was content with getting off once a day. If it is possible I would like to get off at least two-three times a day so it wouldn’t have worked.

    PS. Since I have had sex I don’t think anyone should wait for marriage! haha.

  5. Anonomys

    I agree Sex is not that big of a deal…yes it is important but it is not something that should change how you feel about someone if you have a connection with them

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