We’re going to die in 2012…face it.

So 2012 is the year to end all years.  That’s right…we are all going to die.  I don’t want to be the one that puts the damper on all the New Years festivities, you can blame that one on the Mayans.  Do you think that they knew way back, when they created a calendar that counted down, they would be screwing those of us that are alive today?  It seems unpractical that someone would count down rather than count up.  It seems as though that is a very pessimistic way of thinking.  Today we look at a new year as a new idea and a new beginning.  A reason to start over, to start with something new.  Maybe that is starting a new idea or trying to reach a personal goal.  Maybe it’s something bigger.  Maybe it’s starting a new lifestyle.  For me, it’s starting over.  Looking at the past year I have had an assortment of changes.  I finished school for the rest of my life (THANK GOD!), I’ve started a new career, and I’ve moved on from someone I didn’t think was going to leave me.  Is this how every year is? Is there ever a year that you have looked back on and thought…what a waste of a year…?

Last night I went out with friends as usual.  Drank a lot and had a great time at the bars.  We all were enjoying ourselves except for one. 

I wont mention names but let me put the story into perspective for you,the reader.  This friend was hooked on their partner of quite a long time.  They had their ups and downs just as any other couple would but in the end they realized that they were not going to work out.  While their relationship ended, the limbo of who loved who did not.  There was a period of a couple of months that presented itself as a trial of getting back together, which I know can be normal.  Last night however was strange.  Fueled partly by me knowing that I was making one of the two jealous, and partly by the idea that one of the two in this strange relationship may have been moving on, the two begin to argue outside.  It results in, and I can only gauge from the sporadic texts and short phone calls I received, that the one locked the other one in their apartment and refused to let either of them leave.  That was the conclusion to their night.

2012 is the year to end all years.  It is the ending of the world.  Do you want to live like those two mentioned above or are you going to go out and live like 2012 is the last year of the world.  Make a resolution and stick to it; eat, sleep and live by that rule.  Don’t be a pessimistic Mayan, be an optimistic man of the future!  Live this upcoming year new and fresh and take it as new opportunity to change.

Have a happy and wonderful new year, be safe, and drink lots!  See you in 2012.


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