It’s cool to be an escort

Last night…I’m not really sure what happened but it ended up being escorts and trannies against us.

Every Friday my friends and I get together and drink…a lot. We always have a great time pre-gaming before we eventually head out into the night and end up at a gay club called ICandy. It’s so much fun usually, the older kids head up to the bar to flirt with old men in the hopes of getting free drinks, while the young guys stay downstairs and dance the night away on the, much to small, dance floor. This is where most of the drama takes place. Like last night.

My friends and I were down at the dance floor all hanging out and having a good time when a group of known escorts began to start drama with my friends. I have always felt I have stayed in the position of just making sure my friends don’t get a black eye and last night was no different. Both escorts and a transsexual came up to us to try and create drama with one of our friends. By the end of the night our parties looked like a scene from West Side Story only containing much more glitter and much more finger snapping. Now like I said we were arguing with escorts, and it’s not like they hide the fact that they have sex for money oh no, they are very open about it and have no issues with claiming that they are escorts with sugar daddies. Has society really gotten to the point that it is ok to whore one’s self out for sex and not be ashamed?

Marriage has fallen over the years and still gay rights are not up to par with the rest of society. Do people not trust one another enough to marry or are people content with loving for a short period of time, only to move on when it’s content and convenient? I have always wanted to get married and I personally am excited about starting a family, but is a world where escorting is appropriate the type of world I choose to raise a family in? Maybe this has always been an issue and I did not realize it. There have always been whores and prostitutes, wenches and sex slaves, but are we back to a time that it is ok to sell our bodies? In ancient Greece, prostitution was never condemned, only regulated. It was alright to sleep with those that sold their bodies. It was so common and accepted in fact, that many works that have been uncovered from Greece depicting brothels and their common whores. King Henry II of England chose that it would again, after a period of banned prostitution, regulate the selling of bodies as it was again accepted as a major part of life.

Are we back in a day and age that selling our bodies is going to be part of a way of life? Do the politicians have the right mind set as they continue to be caught cheating on their wives with upscale women of the night? Is love failing as our sexual desires become more prominent?

It is Christmas Eve and I am going to go now and celebrate with my family the joys of live and love.  Have a wonderful holiday season and I look forward to your comments after this Christmas weekend.


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