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Intel® The Museum of Me

Who doesn’t love themselves?  Well I know if I could marry myself I certainly would.  Here is a link to create a museum of yourself based off of your interactions within Facebook.  I think it is a really cool idea and it was very well thought out thanks to Intel.  What they are trying to market I am not sure, this may be a way to link Intel to your Facebook by allowing them access to your files indirectly.  If it is, that’s very sneaky but, when you think about it, how many other people have already had access to some form of your identity already? 

Every one of your Facebook friends are allowed access within your life, if you have LinkedIn, Twitter, and now the ever-growing Google +, you may notice that those you are friends with, groups you are a member of, pages you have liked, have already been allowed access to your personal information.

Who reads the terms and conditions anyway?  I was watching South Park one night and all Eric Cartman wanted for his birthday was an iPad.  While he fought and fought with his mother (continuing to reference how his mother was f**king him in the ass with his gifts), Kyle chose to just accept the terms and conditions to his new apple update.  What Kyle did not know was that within the new terms and conditions, Apple was then allowed to use him in an experiment which was very similar to The Human Centipede scenario (if you do not know the reference I recommend you watch that awful movie).  The results, and if you know anything about South Park, Cartman received the ultimate iPad, which was linked through Kyle, his Jewish arch nemeses, and this caused every action that Cartman did on the iPad, to result in an asian man shitting in Kyle’s mouth.  The point of the story ties into what I had mentioned above.  Who reads the Terms and Conditions of any page?  I know I have never given a second glance to what I as agreeing to and with that, what information I am agreeing to share.  Facebook apps such as this Intel program, while it is amazing and really cool to see your own life laid out before you (which again I still think you should try) I now know I allowed Intel to see my life and therefore my personal information that I provide on my Facebook page.

Everyday the consumer moves more and more into an online world.  Does this mean that we as a society are bound to continue to move at such a quick pace that we wont realize until it is too late that we have ultimately given up every right to some company that snuck a term into their agreement in which we lose all inalienable rights?  Is that possible that while it may not look good for the company at the time that the story breaks, could it be too late and as a result we are unable to breach contracts without severe penalties?

Just some food for thought.  Comment below on your thoughts regarding personal access from companies.


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